Jaac – with goluxury on tour

Jaac is the digital solution for a safe, contactless and yet luxury dining experience.

Jaac, which is a simplified form of the French name Jacques, and a homage to the excellent cuisine and restaurant culture. Our utmost objective is to support restaurants and help them to provide an excellent guest experience, especially during the time of social distancing and when safety becomes a new cornerstone of a luxury experience.

Restaurants, Hotels and other venues can use Jaac in flexible ways, in order to continue with a personal and luxury service.

– allow guests to browse your restaurant’s menu instantly without any download

– get instant access to menu descriptions and images

– search for favorite dishes, ingredients and even allergens

– provide a 100% safe, hygienic and contactless dining experience in times of stricter hygienic protocols

– provide guests with a multi-language menu in e.g. English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, German…

Guests do not need to download an App and can instantly use Jaac by using their own smartphones to place orders or to call a waiter, request the cheque etc. with a touch of a button in case they need assistance or prefer personal interaction.

With Jaac, the venues gives their guests a choice of personal interaction and a safe contactless dining experience, so 100% guest satisfaction is guaranteed.

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